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Website Accessibility Statement

Pontardawe Town Council runs this web site.

We want as many people as possible to be able to use the web site and you should therefore be able to:

  • Change colours and contrast levels. You can do this by using a plug in on your computer such as High Contrast for Chrome.
  • Text was resized to 300% and retained all functionality. Text stayed within the original columns when enlarged. No evidence of text overlap. Pictures remain the same size. Alternative ways of getting magnification include using speed reading plug-in like Spreed for Google Chrome or using a de-clutter tool such as Mercury Reader for Chrome. These allow control on both text size and background colours.
  • View Headings on the page using headings reader such as Headingsmap (Chrome). These extract all the headings and subheadings into a navigable list which is an excellent way to see how the contend of the whole page fists together.
  • You may be able to use screen readers and plug ins which read text such as Google Selection Reader.
  • There are no pages that move or auto plays.
  • Linked text is mostly meaningful and gives details of the underlying page and the web site has a simple consistent construction.
  • There is a site map as well as the original side menu to aid navigation. No icons are used for navigation.
  • Other plug ins may be available on alternative browsers. There may also be specialist assistance devises available.

The plug-in suggestions are offered in good faith without liability. It is your decision if you wish to install them.

We have also tried to make the web-site text as simple as possible to understand.

We do know that parts of our Web site are not fully accessible at this time as in-house test was undertaken in 2019 and the following issues were identified:

  • This is a Simple static web site without images except attached to underlying documents. Alt Text is mostly meaningful for images in the Newsletters but is omitted in images of maps.
  • Numbering is not consecutive when using Google Headingsmap or similar. Headings are available for most of the online content however ‘link’ documents are sometimes not isolated.
  • Keyboard navigation is available throughout the site however there are no quick links between areas, accessing links may require several actions. All forms are links to word documents and include no drop- down lists. There is no moving, flashing or blinking contents. There are no links to podcasts.
  • All pages can be read on all settings. Maps can be understood on all settings. However, the pictures do become somewhat unrecognisable and there is no text backup for pictures
  • The tile in the browser bar does state ‘pontardawetowncouncil.org/’ initially but does detail the page title following this. The title does describe the content of the page but could be improved.
  • Chrome Spreed has been tested. Headings are accessible but links to underlying documents not clear. Linked word, Excel and PDF documents not accessible.
  • Mercury Reader has been tested. Only some of the information on each of the pages is captured. No indication if there are links to underlying documents. Underlying documents (word, excel and PDF) are not accessible
  • High Contract has been tested. This is a simple site with good contrast
  • Headings map plug in – Mostly effective for most of the web site. Underlying documents loaded from September 2019 are written to be accessible to this technology
  • Most of the web site is usable for text to speak plug in however linked documents are not.

This web site is not compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 AA Standard.

What to do if you can't access part of our web site:

If you need information in a different format then please contact us. We are also looking to improve our site so if you find any problems not listed then please contact us:

  • Email the Clerk on pontardawetc@aol.co.uk
  • Call 01792863422 an answer machine is available
  • Call or text 07827972226
  • Visit the Town Council Office (Please arrange an appointment) Details of Parking/ Bus routes etc can then be provided

We will consider you request and get back to you in 3-5 days

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is responsible for enforcing the accessibility regulations and can take mattes further if you are not happy with the way we deal with your complaint.

What we are doing to improve accessibility:

The Town Council has budgeted for a replacement web site to address issues by September 2020.

We will also ensure that uploaded documents will be accessible from that date.

This statement was updated on the 9th December 2019

  Working to become Dementia Friendly